Recommended Daily Emails to Keep You Educated and Motivated

If you’re like me and you sit in an office daily, or you’re just looking for some free advice, signing up to daily emails is a great way to gain some knowledge, you know what they say, knowledge is the power to get jacked. What’s great about daily emails is that even if you don’t look at them every day, they will always be there waiting for you and you can store them to look back over should you need some quick some advice. Remember to do your own research though before you change everything based on 1 persons advice.



#1 – Neil “Yoda” Hill, Y3T


This guy has trained the likes of Flex Lewis who’s won over 28 bodybuilding titles including events such as Mr. Olympia Weekend Bodybuilding and is considered to have the world’s greatest 212 physiques in the world. Neil’s daily emails have been going for around 3 years and that’s A LOT of knowledge he’s shared, while he does push his own personal online coaching plans fairly regularly and bases a lot on workout advice on his own invention “Y3T”  which is a bodybuilding protocol that uses a cycle of medium, high and extremely high rep weeks. He gives some very solid advice on training, lifting protocols, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle, actually in the email body itself and doesn’t push you to go an article on another website, which is great if you don’t want to be seen browsing the internet when you’re at work. If you want to sign up follow the link below and drop your email in the hat:



#2 –  Mike Mathews, Muscle for Life


Mike Mathews is a self-proclaimed fitness guru and actually, his stuff is pretty good. After claiming to have done years of research, he’s written a few books, most popular is the “Bigger Leaner Stronger” for guys and “Thinner Leaner Stronger” for girls, I’ve read most of his books and to be honest for the price it gives you everything you need able to build a decent amount of muscle. It also tells you straight that 99% of marketed products in the fitness industry are highly unnecessary. His emails come from his own website,, they do provide links to articles on his website and constantly promotes his fitness plans and his own supplement range called “Legion” but I still consider them pretty informative simply because his/his teams articles do help cut out the most of the BS behind plenty of fitness fads. You could just check the website regularly or you sign up to daily updates on articles here (it comes with a few free E-books for you to read so, bonus):


#3 – Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness



Steve Kamb, the founder of Nerd Fitness, a site dedicated to the nerdy gym goers with various reference to all things nerd such as Spock from Star Wars (JOKE!). While most of the emails consist of him promoting his “Nerd Fitness Academy” which has things like a game based fitness tracker with quests, The rest are geared towards more helpful information that can help you reach your fitness goals, you can sign up to his emails here:

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#4 – Mehdi, Strong Lifts


I don’t have much information on this guy but he owns a website called “StrongLifts” and promotes a 5×5 program dubbed “StrongLifts 5×5”, the program itself is actually very good and is based on an old school strength routine which would allow some great gains in strength and size for beginners, plus he promotes an app for your smartphone that will help you record you lifts in the gym. His advice is decent most of the time, but its all, if it works for me it works for you and nothing else will work ever (not true). He also spends a lot of time throwing some shade on anyone and anything that doesn’t do a 5×5 program. If you’re going to sign up for these, take everything with a pinch of salt and do the research yourself before changing your routines based on his advice, you can sign up here:



If you have any others useful daily emails you’ve come across, leave a comment for others to see

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