Dear Confused Fitness Goer,

read till the end, it’ll be worth it

Have a quick look over the following questions:

  • Did you know on average it takes a person on average 3-5 years before they finally full understand what they need to do in terms on exercise, nutrition and supplements? That is, If they even stick with it that long.
  • Did you also know that most fitness plans sold on the internet are a “one size fits all” type of nutrition and exercise plan? everybody’s different right? So surely no one fixed plan will work for every one?
  • On average 1-in-3 first time lifters will injure themselves within the first year due to lack of knowledge in lifting form and resting protocols?
  • Most people are worried about giving up all the foods they love, Are you worried that you’re going to be eating leaves for the rest of your life?
  • do you think that the only way to get the body of your dreams is to do extreme diets and hours up on hours of cardio? Spoiler Alert: This isn’t true.


Follow this plan for 3-months, and you’ll learn more than any “uneducated newbie” would in 3 years, it’ll create a foundation on which you can build your ultimate fitness goals,

Already spent money on or planning on spending money on everything that is considered to “help” you reach your goals? Here’s a breakdown of the money you could save if you followed this plan for just 3 months:

  1. Average Personal Trainer: £450 a month (and the rest)
  2. Unnecessary Supplements: £50 a month
  3. Wasted food: £80 a month

That’s a grand total of £1580 over 3 months, with that money, imagine the amazing holidays you could have to show off that body you’re going to build.


When it comes to changing your lifestyle there are 3 pieces of a complete triangle you need to address before you even think about stepping into a gym, let’s call it “the path to your ultimate goal triangle”. the top piece is a training and a workout routine, yeah its important but not as important as the middle piece, diet. It’s said over and over and over again all across the vast internet “YOU CAN NOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET” and yet some people still don’t understand this, diet makes up about 80% of your progress. EIGHTY PERCENT. The bottom and the absolute most important piece is mental attitude, yeah it sounds cheesy but if you start out with a crappy attitude the whole triangle collapses and your diet will suffer, your training will suffer and your goal will suffer. Heres a little unnecessary diagram:


Most personal trainers aren’t nutritionists or dietitians and if diet makes up 80% of your progress, you can see why you’re already destined to fail.


That’s not the real disheartening part, the fact that you’ll end up like most of a bad PT’s clients, feeling completely discouraged because you’ve made absolutely no progress in size, strength or body composition and as soon as you stop giving these self-proclaimed professionals your money, you’ll cease to exist, they’ve got your money, b-bye. You’d ultimately give up all hope because if the experts can’t help you reach your goals, then no one can. Don’t fall into this trap.


With this beginners plan, we’ll aim to save you time, money and effort by:


> Helping you track and plan your meals with ease
> Taking you through everything you need to do in terms of nutrition and macros
> Giving you a shopping list with the exact quantities you need to buy based on your meals
> Providing a range of exercise plans for you to follow based on number of training days per week
> Providing a means of progress recording in terms of exercise, weight and composition progress
> Teaching you to lift weight with correct form to prevent injury
> Covering the few supplements that REALLY work and the supplements that really DON’T. Based on real scientific studies.


What this plan isn’t:

  • A “have the body of your dreams in 3 weeks” plan, no person or plan on the face of the earth can provide this, it’s all about being consistent, accountable and making those short term goals that sum up to your ultimate long term goal.
  • A plan that’ll do the hard work for you, the effort comes from you, this plan is aimed at taking the thinking out of fitness so you can focus on the task at hand, lifting those damn weights and eating all the foods.
  • A rigid plan that has absolutely no flexibility, you can tailor the workout based on some simple rules yourself so that it’s something that you can really get involved in and stick to.
  • A plan that focuses on the bits that don’t really matter or makes fitness a complex labyrinth, once you try our plan, you’ll see how simple it all really is which will help you stick with it.
  • A plan that’ll decide how you’ll live your life. you need to decide what’s more important, being an ordinary Joe or reaching your full potential.


What this plan includes:

  • An Excel Based food planner that, trust me on this, you will use for the rest of your life, it provides you with the means to add in your own foods to create your own meals based on nutritional values.
  • A food shop planner that gives you a list based on your meals and all the food you’ve chosen and the exact quantities that you need to buy, NEVER spend too much on and waste food ever again!
  • 2 different mediums for recording your progress, a excel based sheet that gives you a chart to show you your overall progress and tells you what you need to do in terms of calories to keep you on track for your goals or a printable version for you to stick on a wall.
  • Various exercise plans with various different types of workout protocols that are easy to follow, everyone’s different, every prefers to train in a different way, we’ll help you find the one that’s right for you while making sure you stay on track to your goal.
  • Printable exercise “flash Cards” that you gives you all the information you need to execute a lift with impeccable form and prevent injury for you to refer to while you’re at the gym.
  • The When’s, Why’s, What’s, Who’s and How’s, so that you can go onto make your own decisions in the future should you wish to graduate to fitness master.

(Excel is available for free on Android, iOS and your internet browser if you don’t have the software available)



Best of All, It’s 100% free,

Download the package here.

Once you’ve got to grips with it, come back and leave a review, we WANT people to see the reviews.

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